Friday, January 8, 2010

Lock Combination Finder How Can I Retrieve The Combination To My Dudley Lock?

How can I retrieve the combination to my Dudley lock? - lock combination finder

I connect to my padlock combination Dudley. I use it for my locker at school, and registration is only a few days .. I know my fingers are used for the combination of the lock, as I had for 2 years, but do not remember my brain. Is it possible to understand the lock? Remember, this is a combination lock DUDLEY, 0-59, no master-lock. The video, which I found a master lock does not open help.


♥YGL ♥ said...

Well, it's something that has happened to me several times ....

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Reach out and carefully remove the lock by hand, throw back your hair and choose the code of seduction. Challantly not see over his shoulder, as approaches nice dude. Tighten the lock, and go about your business ... to completely ignore how cute. Just as it near the cash register, the lock and bolt slowly sinks his books on the way to this kind of cute.

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